Ivy Bowman (she/they)

Ivy is a non-binary homeschooled high schooler in the 12th grade. She plans to jump into the workforce right after high school, picking up training as needed along the way. Some of her favorite hobbies are building computers, networking, playing video games, and reading. She has competed in both the National Cyber League and CyberPatriot competitions and is pursuing a career in cybersecurity. Some of her accomplishments are scoring in the top 10% in NCL and her team reaching the semi-finals in CyberPatriot.


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Latest Project

I made a guide for setting up an always free Minecraft server in Oracle Cloud with 4 cores and 24gb of ram.

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National Cyber League

For the past few years, I have been a competitor in the National Cyber League competition. You can view my scouting reports by hitting the button below.

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Projects Page

This is a collection of some projects I have worked on.


Here are some of my skills and a description of my skill level in each.


While I am able to read code from several languages, I have beginner experience in HTML, CSS, JS, Java, C#, and Python.


I have been a high placing CyberPatriot and NCL competitor for the past few years, and I am also working on a few ethical hacking courses.

Network & Endpoint Management

I have been managing a currently Unifi and PF sense based network. I also have experience with AD, Group Policy, and more.

Content Creation

I produce livestreams for Twitch and have lots of experience with OBS. I also produced a podcast for LGBTQ+ kids and teens.

STEM Camp Counseling

I have co-instructed camps teaching kids Lego robotics, animation and game design.

Customer Service & Tech Support

On the side and at home I do tech support and have years of experience.